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Select Avionics has the experience necessary to make sure your installation meets our stringent quality standards. We make sure that our avionics installations provide trouble free high quality performance that delivers the standards the avionics manufacturers promised year after year.


Select Avionics becomes a partner with our customer when we take on the task of any avionics installation. All of our skilled employees want to make sure the job is done right and know that our reputation is at stake on every job we do. At Select Avionics we perform a complete two page assessment of both your airplane and all your avionic equipment before and after each installation. Our technicians use an industry proven checklist to guarantee that all problems are discovered. Our Avionics Manager performs a final inspection to make sure that all equipment meets our stringent standards and any discrepancies have been corrected before we deliver the airplane to the customer.


When we deliver an aircraft, Select Avionics provides a paperwork package including all pilot operating guides, weight and balance forms, log book stickers, and any other FAA required paperwork. Our Avionics Manager will go over all the equipment installed and answer any question. It is our plan to make a customer for life and this partnership means doing whatever it takes to make sure each customer is satisfied.

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Quality avionics installations


You want a modern, trouble free avionics panel at a fair price. Select Avionics delivers.


Warranty troubleshooting and repairs for most major manufacturerrs


We are a factory service center for Garmin, Aspen, Avidyne, S-TEC and several other vendors.


Fast quotes

Contact us today for a free comprehensive estimate of your project.


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Select Avionics is proud to be one of the many sponsors for the 45T car driven by Eric Tomlinson, currently racing in the

Touring Outlaw Modified Series.

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