Contact us today to discuss your Garmin panel upgrade including the new and improved GTN 650/750Xi GPS/NAV/COMM series, the G3X Touch PFD/MFD or the GFC 500/600 Autopilot series.


Allow us to introduce the all new GI 275 Attitude Indicator (AI/ADI).


For those that still need to meet the 2020 ADS-B Federal Mandate, Garmin has you covered with the following products:


GTX 345  (Digital Transponder with ADS-B In & Out)

GTX 335  (Digital Transponder with ADS-B Out)

GNX 375  (GPS Navigator with ADS-B Out Transponder) 

GDL 82    (Mandate compliant option for ADS-B Out)









Contact us today to discuss your Aspen panel upgrade including the EFD 1000/1500/2000 PFD/MFD line or to have your existing units upgraded to MAX. 














Contact us today to discuss your Avidyne panel upgrade including the IFD 440/550 touchscreen FMS line.








Contact us today to find out more about L3's LYNX NGT 9000, the ALL IN ONE option for meeting the 2020 mandate and getting a lot more for your money!







S-TEC / Genesys Aerosystems' 3100 Autopilot has now been certified for over 100 aircraft models.  Contact us today to check on yours or to discuss a new system.







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